The Mission of SCI is to provide Support and Care that promotes Independence.

Creating life skills with those we serve

 Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters!!!

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Skill Creations, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  SCI routinely organizes fundraisers designed to directly benefit our clients. Your generosity helps us make the lives of our clients better.  All donations are tax-deductible as well.  With the introduction of managed care, and the always-present sentiment of all legislative bodies to reduce public spending, the number of unmet needs of those we serve has increased.  The SCI Foundation was established to meet unmet needs of anyone served by Skill Creations, Inc.
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During the past year, the SCI Foundation has provided financial assistance in the following areas:

*Pay travel costs for a client to be a Meals On Wheels provider
*Clothing and shoe costs for those without resources
*New furniture and personal equipment for residential clients
*Pay physician bills not covered by Medicaid
*Purchase a seizure monitor for a client that Medicaid would not cover
*Pay for special trips for clients
*Purchase new equipment and supplies for our preschool
*Pay for client eyeglasses not covered by Medicaid
*Special parties for those we serve
*Medical appointment travel costs
*Outdoor equipment
*Renewed interior d├ęcor at residential facilities

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*Our annual Christmas Club Fund provides $100 of gifts per client, for those who have very limited personal funds and/or limited family involvement for gifts. In 2017, we provided 86 of our clients with the resources to have a Merry Christmas.
The formula is simple. If a request is made to meet an unmet need of one of those we serve, and there are no other resources, no request is turned down. Your generosity grants us this ability to also be generous.


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