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COVID-19 Updates


We have arranged with Goshen to begin testing our staff regularly for COVID-19.  We will begin with them completing this every other week at all facilities (they do not have to have symptoms).  If any staff tests positive, we will immediately test clients in that facility.  Goshen hopes to have the 15 minute testing up and running by next week.  We are also going to offer one time testing for anyone at our Ash St. or Corporate offices in Goldsboro.  Once we are back in the office on a regular basis, testing will also be on a regualr basis for those office staff.  At this time, the testing is only for those in Eastern NC who are associated with a faciltiy or an office.  Periodics staff are not included in this round of testing.  We are working to set up an arrangement for testing of Periodics staff on both sides of the state, but this is still in the works.  We will update everyone as soon as that partnership is finalized.  

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