Improving Overall Wellbeing With Wholesome Community Events

Day Programs/Day Activity

  • 1 Population served: Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or impairments as determined by psychological and as approved through the MCO.
  • 2 Settings: Day Programs are operated by Skill Creations, Inc., and are staffed by employees of Skill Creations. Locations are within the natural community settings of Morganton, Warsaw, Wilson, and Goldsboro.
  • 3 Hours of Service: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • 4 Days of Service: Monday through Friday
  • 5 Frequency of Services: The frequency of service is individualized based on each client’s needs. These needs are determined by person-centered planning processes where individuals can vocalize what they want to receive in that specific setting.
  • 6 Payer sources: Medicaid and MCO State Funding Allocations
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  • 7 Fees: As approved by the MCO
  • 8 Referral Sources: Anyone or any agency can make a referral for service by calling the appropriate regional contact. The regional contact will discuss the needs of the individual and available services within the area. If services are available in the area, a meeting will take place to discuss the needs and details of the service. The MCO does have to approve the referral for funding and prior to the start of service.
  • 9 Specific Services Offered: Innovations Day Supports (both individual group services), State Funded Day Supports (individual and group services), Day Activity Services (individual and group). Transportation is provided as a part of the service. Each Day Program has a specialized calendar based on the individuals who attend and the time of year. Each program provides a range of in-house and community activities. For example yoga classes or community trips to specific activities. Individuals have the choice to participate in any activity. The activities are scheduled with input from the individuals served and focus on community integration, self-help skills, communication, and physical activity improvement. Medication management services- includes the practices of assisting with management of medications that may include all aspects of medication administration including removing medications from their dispensed package, assisting with measuring liquids, giving injections, suppository, or PRN medications, and ensuring safe medication storage. Most Skill Creations Inc. service delivery areas provide medication management services including ICF-IDD residential settings, group home settings, AFL settings, respite settings and some day programs. The level of need will vary by individual.